danelledselaineSeinEvidence into Practice Committee

Committee Chairs

Elaine Sein, RN, BSN, OCN, CBCN Danelle Johnston, RN, MSN, OCN, CBCN

The navigator role is one of the newest healthcare positions providing comprehensive patient-centric care along the care continuum. The goals of AONN+ include advocating for and validating the role of oncology nurse and patient navigators, supporting our members as they strive to improve patient care outcomes, and increasing patient access to navigation and survivorship services during and following treatment. One strategic method to achieve these goals is through the application of program evaluation, performance improvement activities, and research to support the role of patient navigation. A first step to achieving this initiative is to create a subcommittee to provide ongoing education, support through mentoring, resources and tools as well as avenues for discussion regarding quality outcomes, performance improvement, and the research process. This committee is the Evidence into Practice Committee.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Evidence into Practice  Committee is to bring diverse oncology professionals together to provide interactive opportunities to experience knowledge sharing, increase innovation, and collaborative engagement utilizing evidence-based practices around broad aspects of quality improvement initiatives to contribute to continued professional growth and acceleration of navigation practices.

The goals of this committee include:

  • To increase knowledge related to various roles that patient navigators provide to improving patient care and outcomes
  • To identify areas of research that will provide evidence-based data to support both efficacy and long-term sustainability of the patient navigator role in patient-centered care and survivorship
  • To engage and encourage potential performance improvement, outcomes-based research projects with the assistance of mentoring, and possible collaborations with other organizations
  • To provide opportunities in both mentoring in evaluation and research and dissemination of findings and best practices

As the field of patient navigation matures, it is critical that ongoing rigorous evaluation and research is implemented to understand the best practices and short- and long-term impacts of patient navigation. All levels of research, from program evaluation to randomized trials, are needed to build this body of knowledge. As more accrediting bodies realize the benefit navigation plays in overall care coordination for all patients, it is predicted that it will become the standard of care.

As a leading professional organization in patient navigation, AONN+ can provide leadership and support to our members to facilitate program evaluation, quality improvement and research, and disseminate these outcome findings.

We began our journey at the 2012 Annual AONN+ Conference with a member survey regarding interest in participating on this committee as a mentor or a mentee as well as areas of most interest. We now have over 20 active members and would like to encourage more navigators to participate. A key issue that has been identified by our committee members is the actual comfort level that navigators have with the various aspects of program evaluation and a fear of the actual research process itself. Therefore, the Evidence into Practice Committee has created Step by Step: The Four C’s of Research to help the AONN+ membership learn.

We encourage members to submit abstracts that will be presented in poster format during the conference. This is an easy way to get started sharing the various projects you may be working on without having to provide a formal presentation. All accepted abstracts received by July 15th will be published in the Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship.

If you are unsure about your project and whether it fulfills the criteria for poster presentation, please feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to assist you or have another committee member provide mentorship.

Our committee meets monthly via conference calls, and we will have a meeting during the annual conference to share our long-term plans for this committee. We encourage everyone with any interest in learning how to showcase your work to attend.

If you would like assistance or guidance with abstract development or if you would like to join our committee, please contact us directly at ems1409@aol.com or Danelle.Johnston@uchealth.org.

Looking for Guidance from another Navigator?  There are AONN+ members who are willing to help you!  Whether it be in developing metrics, research, or writing a journal article, members of our Evidence into Practice  Committee have stepped up to offer advice and instruction to their peers in need.

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