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The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) is focused on developing a local and regional network of navigators in order to facilitate communication and education among peers and improve patient outcomes and survivorship. We invite you to either join an existing local navigator network (LNN) or start one in your area. For any questions please contact us at support@aonnonline.org.

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Sharon Gentry discusses the benefits of joining or starting a Local Navigator Network, which is a great way to connect with other navigators and share experiences and best practices.

Starting a Navigator Network - As Easy as ABC
  • Assemble regularly with other navigators in your vicinity
    • Navigator Network leader should have experience with team building and have a personal commitment to wanting to promote education and career development of oncology navigators in his/her region.
  • Build your Network's theme, mission, and vision.
    • Create a theme for your network by creating a tagline so that you have your own ownership and identity.
    • Identify best practices and areas of need (resource needs, educational needs, and possible solutions) within your region.
  • Communicate with AONN+ and your members
    • Establish and maintain an open correspondence system with all navigator network members, and address queries in a timely manner.
    • Communicate in different outlets including local meetings, chat online through the community forum, and meet at the annual conferences.

For everything else, JUST ASK AONN+!

Assistance for funding or support should be communicated to AONN+ at support@aonnonline.org. AONN+’s involvement will be assessed based on the nuances of the request. Examples: bring in outside speakers, develop webinars, submit an article in the Journal of Navigation & Survivorship, connect with leadership council, research initiatives, invitations to the AONN+ annual conference, provide AONN+ membership forms.

Start a Navigator Network

Let us know!
  • Notify AONN+ that you are planning to start a local navigator network and provide them with your contact information and your network's theme, mission, and vision
  •  All networks/members will be listed on the AONN+ website for members only.
  • Please send all information to support@aonnonline.org
Engagement with Industry Partners
  • AONN+ values our strong partnerships with industry.  Please direct all inquiries for AONN+ local programs sponsored by industry to the National AONN+ office to support@aonnonline.org