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November 1, 2021 | AONN+ Blog | Membership
Mu Lin
Digital Content Writer
Amplity Health

The myriad of AONN+ committees allow members to contribute to national initiatives and collaborate with like-minded professionals and organizations to impact the oncology navigation profession.

Leadership Is Important for Navigation Profession

Leadership is important for the success and development of the oncology navigation profession–it provides guidance, purpose, and helps others understand the long-term strategies and goals of the profession.

The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) is the largest national specialty organization dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life by defining, enhancing, and promoting the role of oncology nurse and patient navigators.

We are leaders in bringing to light the roles of each member on the cancer care team and providing a platform for our members to bring changes for the organization and the profession.

At AONN+, we believe in giving our members a seat at the table through AONN+ committees, because no one knows oncology better than those who work day in and day out providing optimal care for patients with cancer.

AONN+ offers members the opportunity to join or chair committees that draw together individuals with similar areas of expertise. AONN+ committees steer conversations about specific subsets of navigation and allow members to step into a leadership role and enhance their careers.

AONN+ committees provide an important training ground for future leaders of the oncology navigation profession. By serving on committees, new or inexperienced members can gain valuable insight into the organization and the profession.

The AONN+ Committees

AONN+’s committees are integral to advancing the Academy’s mission and success. The voice of AONN+ members is heard throughout the continuum on the committees via policy and advocacy, clinical trials, innovation and technology, and professional development as well as others.

Metrics Committee

The Metrics Committee supports oncology value-based cancer care initiatives utilizing the 35 AONN+ national evidence-based metrics in the areas of patient experience, clinical outcomes, and return on investment.

Abstract Review Committee

The Abstract Review Committee objectively reviews AONN+ member abstracts and provides feedback for revision, with the greater goal of building momentum and evidence around navigation.

Survivorship Committee

The Survivorship Committee advances survivorship care throughout the continuum by providing resources and evidence-based education to oncology navigators.

Conference Planning Committee

The mission of the Conference Planning Committee is to provide relevant and high-value conference agendas and speakers that will enhance and develop members’ professional growth and development.

Register for the 2021 Annual Conference! Submit Your Conference Suggestions

Clinical Trials Committee

The mission of the Clinical Trials Committee is to provide education and support to navigators to promote clinical trials to their patients and institutions.

Community Outreach, Prevention & Early Detection Committee

This committee focuses on advancing the role of navigation within the care continuum of those at risk, prevention, screening, early detection, and early-stage treatment.

Genetics and Genomics Committee

The Genetics and Genomics Committee empowers and engages oncology nurses, nurse navigators, and patient navigators to play a role in linking patients and personalized medicine, with the ultimate goal of increasing access to genetic information for the purpose of shared decision-making.

Professional Development Committee

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to provide mentorship support to AONN+ members in areas of quality, process improvement, metrics, and reporting.

Technology and Innovation Committee

The Technology and Innovation Committee focuses on the use of technology to capture data/metrics for evaluation, improve quality in navigation, and provide patient education and navigator resources.

Policy and Advocacy Committee

The mission of the Policy and Advocacy Committee is to utilize legislative, regulatory, and policy advocacy to protect and promote the practice of oncology patient navigation to best serve individuals and families impacted by cancer. In addition, AONN+ joins forces with national organizations, such as the Cancer Leadership Council, to add its voice to the policy conversation on healthcare, advocating for patients and amplifying the oncology navigation profession.

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