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  • Melissa Knust
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Survivorship was created by Melissa Knust

Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago #148
Our clinic is struggling when to schedule survivorship appointments. Can anyone tell me how they handle making sure survivorship appointments get scheduled?
by Melissa Knust

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  • Sharon Gentry
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Replied by Sharon Gentry on topic Survivorship

Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago #150
Hi Melissa,
Here are a few resources from AONN+ that may help.

1) Transition to Survivorship at
2) Beyond “C”: A Nurse Navigator–Led Education Project to Increase Survivorship Referrals and Cancer Survivorship Attendance at
3) Successfully Transitioning Patients from Treatment to Lifetime Clinic at
5) New Resource: NCCN Survivorship Guidelines at
6) Measuring Patient-Centered Cancer Survivorship Care at
by Sharon Gentry

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