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Continuum of Care and Care Transitions: A Combined Conclusion from Novice and Seasoned Navigators

Cheryl Bellomo, RN, MSN, OCN, CN-BN; Pamela Goetz, BAThe role of the navigator along the continuum of care is bidimensional in nature with a patient-centered (empowerment with education and knowledge) and health system (multidisciplinary) orientation to deliver timely, seamless care. Within the multidisciplinary team, the navigator works as an advocate, care provider, educator, counselor, and facilitator to ensure that every patient receives comprehensive, timely, and quality healthcare services. In building collaboration among the multidisciplinary team members, coordinating execution of the treatment plan, and empowering patients, the navigator guides patients through the complicated steps along the cancer care continuum and through transitions of care with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes.  NCCCP Navigation Assessment ToolAs all navigation programs are built uniquely, we encourage you to rate your program as you feel appropriate. The purpose of this form is not to gauge one program against another, but to assist you in…

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Seasoned Navigator: A Case Study on Care Transitions in Genomic Testing and Timely Treatment Decision-Making

Cheryl Bellomo, RN, MSN, OCN, CN-BN; Deb Christensen, RN, BSN, HNB-BC; Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS Along with the diagnosis of breast cancer comes many decisions regarding treatment options. Oncotype DX, + read more

Continuum of Care and Care Transitions

Cheryl Bellomo, RN, MSN, OCN, CN-BN; Pamela Goetz, BA The scope of navigation has evolved from the Freeman model of community outreach and prevention to spanning the entire continuum of + read more

Novice Navigator: A Case Study on Community Outreach for Head and Neck Cancers

In this community outreach example, the daunting challenges of treatment, and the impact on quality of life, drive the questions, “How can we better serve these patients?” and “Is there + read more

Novice Navigator: A Case Study on the Complexities of Care Coordination

Morgan Finn, RN; Kimberly Foster, MBA, BSN, RN; Marian E. Gilmore, RN, OCN; Pamela Goetz, BA; Barb McHale, RN, BS, OCN, CBCN The case study for this discussion highlights the + read more

Seasoned Navigator: A Case Study on Community Outreach and Prevention for Lung Cancer Screening

Along the continuum of cancer care for many patient populations, navigators play an essential role in community outreach and prevention. To be effective, navigators must have core knowledge of the + read more

Community Outreach and Prevention

In 1990, Harold P. Freeman, MD, noticed that African American women in the Harlem community had a higher incidence of breast cancer mortality.1 He observed delays in follow-up care after + read more