AONN+ hosts both a regional meeting and an annual conference every year. Come check out the pages below for more information on both.

Regional Meeting

AONN+ will be hosting a West Coast Regional Meeting to be held April 27-29, 2017, in Phoenix, AZ.

Annual Conference

AONN+ will be hosting the eighth annual Navigation & Survivorship Conference to be held November16-19, 2017, in Orlando, FL.

The benefits that you take back from a conference are just huge. You take back a lot of information on best practices and everything that you have to grow a program and grow as a professional.  

—Katie Navarte, LMSW, Social Worker

I paid for this conference out of my pocket, 100%, and it’s 100% worth it. I’m really excited to go back to work and [say], ‘This is an investment in me.'  

—Deidra Teoh, MSN, Lung Oncology Nurse Navigator

I really enjoy the networking. It’s a great chance to see people from other cancer centers and especially people who are doing this work directly with the patients who are really empowering them, helping them with that decision-making piece. Oftentimes in our settings we may be the one or two people who are doing this work but this is an environment where everybody ‘gets it.’  

—Kamilah Konrad, Senior Manager of Patient Navigation