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AONN+ is proud to launch our BOLD Initiative including the Mentorship Academy and AONN+ professional development offerings. This all-encompassing platform boasts a mentorship matching program for mentees and mentors to support and educate one another, AONN+ professional development opportunities for all members, and a digital library that houses educational tools and resources for all things professional development.
Navigators of all disciplines are encouraged to “Be BOLD” and seek out opportunities to grow personally and professionally by utilizing the tools provided through this platform. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the BOLD initiative and AONN+ offerings available to all members.
Learn About AONN+’s BOLD Mentorship Academy
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    Welcome to the BOLD: Mentorship Academy! The mission of the mentorship program is to elevate the profession of navigation by supporting and fostering a reciprocal and collaborative mentoring relationship between two individuals who share mutual goals and shared accountability for the outcomes and success of the relationship.

    AONN+ will match interested mentors and mentees based on shared goals, strengths, and expertise. In addition, AONN+ will recommend mentoring relationships based on what each participant hopes to gain from the mentorship to cultivate a reciprocity of value. The program will consist of a mentor matched with a mentee with an agreed upon communication strategy and time commitment. AONN+ has developed resources to equip mentors and mentees to be successful in this partnership.

    Registration for the Mentorship Academy will open February 2nd, 2024. If you are interested in participating in this program as either a mentor or mentee, please complete the application and submit by March 1st, 2024. Once completed, the application will be reviewed by AONN+ for potential participation in the program.


    • Participant must be an AONN+ member.
    • Mentor must have more than 2 years of navigation experience.

    Application Materials

    • Completed Application
    • Letter of Recommendation from Manager
    • Current Resume/CV


    AONN+ Internal Leadership

    AONN+ BOLD Mentorship Handbook

    Download Mentorship Handbook

    Apply to BOLD: Mentorship Academy

  • AONN+ Professional Development Offerings

    Navigation as a profession requires a multitude of skillsets, knowledge, education, and resourcefulness, all of which should continue to be refined and enhanced throughout one’s career. Professional development can take place in many different capacities such as research, public speaking, publication, networking, continuing education, leadership roles, enhancement of knowledge or a specific skillset, among others.

    BOLD Professional Development Handbook

    Download Professional Development Handbook

    Digital Resources

    Welcome to the AONN+ BOLD Digital Library! This online resource repository houses AONN+ offerings of professional development and mentorship resources including podcasts, toolkits, blogs, and articles. We hope this digital library offers you the resources and tools you need to continue to elevate your professional growth and help guide you in your navigation career. This library will continue to grow and expand as more resources are developed within the AONN+ platform. We encourage you to “Be BOLD” as you work to grow personally and professionally.

    BOLD Digital Library Resources Document

    Download Digital Library Resources Document

  • The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to provide mentorship support to AONN+ members in areas of quality, process improvement, metrics, and reporting.

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