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AONN+ Blog published on May 25, 2022
Oncology navigation program directors share their insights on developing sustainable oncology navigation programs that provide values to healthcare administrators, patients, and providers.
AONN+ Blog published on March 2, 2022
AONN+ Foundation for Learning Director of Certification Lisa Hartman and a group of experts discuss the value of oncology navigator certification from the perspectives of patient navigators, nurse navigators, healthcare administrators, and physicians.
AONN+ Blog published on February 23, 2022
In this episode, AONN+ leaders Emily Gentry and Monica Dean have a hearty discussion on self-love and share some “lessons learned” for oncology navigators to manage stress and anxiety as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, from loving yourself, movement, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, and adequate sleep, to healthy diet and hydration.
AONN+ Blog published on December 22, 2021 in Research
You don’t need a doctorate degree or the formal title of “researcher” to publish your research or to write grants that secure funding in aid of your practice or your patients. AONN+ leaders offer practical advice about pursuing evidence-based research necessary for successful funding applications.
AONN+ Blog published on November 24, 2021
In this episode, Monica Dean discussed the psychosocial impacts of cancer on the patient and the caregiver.
AONN+ Blog published on October 27, 2021
Oncology navigators and team leaders have a shared responsibility to make the team work cohesively and people bond easily. In episode 16 of the AONN+ Heart and Soul of Oncology Navigation podcast, experts discuss navigation leadership, teamwork, and the importance of collaboration.
AONN+ Blog published on September 23, 2021 in Breast Cancer
In episode 15 of the AONN+ Heart and Soul of Oncology Navigation podcast, experts discuss Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Needs Assessment of Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and how oncology navigators can learn from these findings.
AONN+ Blog published on August 25, 2021
A majority of patients with cancer are over the age of 65, and this patient population faces a unique set of barriers due to ageism in healthcare.
AONN+ Blog published on July 28, 2021 in Tumor Boards
The quick pivot to digital health during the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges for oncology navigators who were running their facility’s tumor boards. In this episode, experts discuss the future of virtual case conferences.
AONN+ Blog published on June 23, 2021
In this episode, we share the stories of 2 amazing cancer survivors and the work they are doing in the cancer community that led them to become CONQUER: the patient voice Hero of Hope™ Patient Award nominees.
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