An Update on the AONN+ Acuity Project

In late 2022, AONN+’s Acuity project, led by Danelle Johnston, MSN, RN, HON-ONN, OCN, and Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS, issued a call for oncology programs to take part in a Navigation Acuity Tool quality initiative. This video discusses the tremendous response that they received, the findings and lessons learned from the study, and next steps.

AONN+ Acuity Tool: Where Are We Now?

Wendy Latash, PhD, provides an overview on the current status and future plans for the AONN+ Acuity Tool.

AONN+ Acuity Tool Methodology

Cheryl Bellomo and Danelle Johnston explain that the core purpose of the AONN+ Acuity Tool is addressing barriers to care.

Filling the Need for an Objective Acuity Tool

Danelle Johnston, Cheryl Bellomo, and Wendy Latash discuss how the AONN+ Acuity Tool stemmed from a need for a validated, standardized tool that can measure the intensity of the work of both clinical and nonclinical navigators.

AONN+ Leaders and Astellas Pharma US Collaborate on Acuity Tool

Wendy Latash explains how a desire to satisfy the needs of the patient inspired AONN+ and Astellas to collaborate on the creation of the AONN+ Acuity Tool.