Overview of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Watch as our CLL clinical advisor dives deeper into defining CLL, the clinical staging systems developed for this disease, and the role navigators play in the patient’s treatment journey.

CLL: Watch and Wait Period

Listen in as our CLL clinical advisor examines the “Watch and Wait” period in CLL and impact navigation can have during this period.

The Role of Genetics in CLL

A look at understanding the complexities of mutations and cytogenetics in CLL, the role genetics plays in prognosis, and how navigators can educate their patients and caregivers.

Prognostics & Predictive Models in CLL

An inspection of prognostic and predictive tools in CLL, risk categories, and impact on the patient’s treatment plan.

Patient Criteria for Treatment in CLL

Our CLL clinical advisor examines indications for treatment in CLL for both symptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients as well as the navigator’s touchpoints during this phase.

CLL Treatment Journey

Our CLL clinical advisor dives into the different targeted therapies for CLL patients including oral oncolytics and the impact navigation has on adherence to treatment and the multidisciplinary approach to care.

Treatment Complications & Adherence Promotion Strategies

Take a look into possible treatment complications for CLL patients, barriers to adherence, and navigation strategies to improve compliance to treatment.

The Navigator’s Influence on Care Coordination for the CLL Patient

Watch as we examine the navigator’s influence on care coordination for the CLL patient with an emphasis on patient advocacy and shared decision-making.

Psychosocial Impact of a CLL Diagnosis

Explore the psychosocial effect of a CLL diagnosis including financial toxicity and quality of life and dive deeper into the navigator’s role in meeting the patient’s psychosocial needs.

Caregiver Impact of a CLL Diagnosis

Learn about the role of caregivers in the CLL treatment journey and the challenges they face including financial concerns and caregiver burnout. We also examine compassion fatigue and burnout in the healthcare community.