Patient FAQs

Tools for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Frank dela Rama explains the options available today, the limitations, and possibilities in the future for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Is CAR T-Cell Therapy Safe and Effective?

Claire White discusses the role of the FDA in evaluating new and promising treatments such as CAR T-cell therapy and the complexity of getting approvals.

Managing Adverse Effects of CAR T-Cell Therapy

Claire White discusses possible adverse effects that can occur during CAR T-cell therapy and what the nurse navigator should look for.

Telling Patients About CAR T-Cell Therapy

Nurse Navigator Claire White describes the way she tells her patients what CAR T-cell therapy is and how it works.

Identifying Valuable Resources

Dr Morganna Freeman stresses the importance of finding trusted sources of information for patients with cancer.

Immunotherapy vs Targeted Therapy

Dr Morganna Freeman explains the difference between immunotherapies and targeted therapies in plain language for patients to easily understand.

Dealing with Misinformation

Dr Morganna Freeman addresses the issue of the pervasiveness of misinformation on the Internet.

Understanding Immunotherapy

Dr Morganna Freeman breaks down her methods for explaining immunotherapy to her patients.

Bring Your Strength

Lisa Simms Booth builds on Dr Jill Biden's message that everyone can bring their personal strengths to the fight against cancer.

Building a "Patient Roadmap"

Danielle Carnival discusses the Biden Cancer Initiative's plan for building a "Patient Roadmap," which would serve as a comprehensive, vetted list of resources for cancer patients and/or oncology navigators.