Navigator Anecdotes

Personal Stories from International Navigators

Nancy Peña, OPN-CG, Founder and Director, Navegación de Pacientes International, and Rowan Robinson, BN, MSN, Navigator/Quality Lead, Netcare, Ltd, South Africa, share some of their most poignant experiences from their navigation practice in the United States and in other countries.

Lillie D. Shockney Invites Oncology Patient Navigators to Send Their Questions to WWLD!

AONN+ Co-Founder and Program Director Lillie D. Shockney talks about What Would Lillie Do? - WWLD, and how many oncology nurse navigators are taking advantage of this initiative to ask for advise on their everyday tasks. Ms Shockney invites patient navigators, administrators, social workers, physicians, and other professionals involved in cancer care to send their questions to WWLD.

Ten Years of AONN+: Building an Organization from the Ground Up

AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee Co-Chairs Danelle Johnston and Tricia Strusowski reflect on the origins of the Academy, and the early days of creating an oncology navigation metrics program a decade ago.

What Financial Navigators Like About the Job

Clara Lambert on the most rewarding aspects of patient relationships.

Navigators Are Like Daughters Who Look After You

Nancy Sayegh-Rooney discusses her role as a lung cancer screener, and how she works to build relationships with her patients.

Lung Cancer Screening: One Twin Saved the Other

Nancy Sayegh-Rooney recounts an interesting experience screening twins for lung cancer.

Providing Necessary Services to Patients

Rose Olivarez feels fortunate to work for the American Cancer Society. Hear why.

Small Gestures, Big Impact

Cathy Mikkelson describes how sometimes the smallest gestures make an enormous impact.

How My Role as a Navigator Helped a Patient

Roberta Gillis shares a story about a former patient who benefited from having Roberta as her navigator.

Helping Underserved Populations

Margaret Eller values helping underserved populations, and recounts a story about an impoverished, illiterate man she helped through her role as a navigator.