Mental Health

Psychosocial Support: The Social Worker's Role

The social worker is critical in providing psychosocial care to patients with cancer, and Steve Pittman feels they should leverage their training to guide patients in a positive direction to address their mental health.

Treating Patients with Mental Illness

Steve Pittman believes a team approach is needed to effectively treat mental illness and encourages oncology navigators to engage the patient's loved ones.

Psychosocial Support: The Navigator's Role

Steve Pittman encourages oncology navigators to lead the conversation around psychosocial support for patients with mental illness.

Barriers to Seeking Psychosocial Support

Steve Pittman attributes blame and shame as major barriers that prevent patients with mental health issues from seeking psychosocial support.

Working with Patients with Mental Illness

Steve Pittman outlines some of the challenges in working with patients with mental illness, citing the importance of opening lines of communication and eliminating blame.