Financial Toxicity

Financial Toxicity Resources

Joanna Fawzy Morales, Esq., and Monica Fawzy Morales, Esq. share advice on how patients with cancer can avoid financial toxicity, as well as resources for those experiencing it.

Working Together for the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is a vitally important issue for the nation, and it is essential that people from all sides of the issue work together to find solutions says AONN+ Policy and Advocacy Committee Chair Elizabeth Franklin

Financial Toxicity and Poverty

Rev Dr Jason Coker on the ethics of care in the marketplace.

Economic Burden of Cancer Care

Rev Dr Jason Coker explains the way everyday expenses act as barriers to care among the rural poor.

Helping Navigate the Cost of Treatment

Claire White addresses another aspect of care: helping patients gather resources to pay for their treatment.

Financial Toxicity Impacts Treatment

Clara Lambert describes the ways that treatment costs impact patient health and compliance.

Financial Support and Resources for Patients with Cancer and Their Families

Lillie Shockney addresses the prevalent issue of financial toxicity and identifies a number of resources and services that can help patients and families manage the cost of cancer care.

Fielding Patient Concerns About Financial Toxicity

Cathy Mikkelson cites that financial toxicity is the most common concern her patients have, and she explains how she addresses this issue.

Helping Patients Manage Financial Toxicity

Cheryl Bellomo provides some suggestions for navigators looking to help their patients manage financial barriers.