Clinical Trials

A Collaborative Effort to Increase AYA Clinical Trial Enrollment

Dr Michael Roth stresses the importance of understanding the interaction of providers, researchers, and navigators to more effectively improve AYA clinical trial enrollment.

Spreading Knowledge About AYA Clinical Trials

Dr Michael Roth talks about his efforts to increase knowledge about AYA clinical trial enrollment at the provider, nurse, and navigator levels.

The Navigator's Role in Increasing Clinical Trial Enrollment

Dr Michael Roth identifies how oncology nurse and patient navigators can significantly increase AYA clinical trial enrollment.

Overcoming Barriers to AYA Clinical Trial Enrollment

Dr. Michael Roth outlines some practical ways to increase AYA clinical trial enrollment.

Clinical Trials to Improve AYA Outcomes

Dr. Michael Roth believes that enhanced clinical trial enrollment will improve survival and quality of life for AYAs, and stresses the need to determine and overcome barriers to AYA clinical trial enrollment.

Accessibility of Clinical Trials to AYAs

Dr Michael Roth states that clinical trials are less accessible to adolescents and young adults than other populations for a variety of reasons. Watch the video to learn more.

Clinical Trial Enrollment for AYAs

Dr Michael Roth notes that clinical trial enrollment for adolescents and young adults is much lower than for younger patients and cites a need for greater understanding of barriers to enrollment.

Why Are Clinical Trials Important in the Fight Against Cancer?

Dr Michael Roth explains why clinical trials are critical to improving overall patient outcomes, including survivorship and quality of life.

Patient Misconceptions About Clinical Trials

Yelak Biru identifies some pervasive misconceptions and common barriers that exist regarding clinical trials.

Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

Dr Andrey Antov believes it's important for patients to participate in clinical trials for a multitude of reasons, as clinical trials can benefit both the patient and the healthcare system as a whole.