Oncology Care Model

How AONN+'s Metrics Toolkit Coincides with OCM Quality Metrics

The quality metrics that were put in place with the Oncology Care Model (OCM) support the lowering of costs. When navigators use AONN+'s Metrics Toolkit, their metrics can coincide with those that are being used in OCM.

OCM Payment Methods

Rani Khetarpal shares the 3 payment avenues for the Oncology Care Model.

How Navigators Improve Care Coordination in OCM

Within the Oncology Care Model, the largest costs are attributed to drugs and in-patient hospitalizations. Oncology nurse and patient navigators are essential to reducing emergency room utilization and hospitalizations.

OCM's Impact on Improving Access to Care

The Oncology Care Model has made a positive impact on improving access and appropriateness to care while keeping the care patient-centered.

What Factors Make Oncology Models Successful?

Rani Khetarpal shares how models like OCM can be successful. Utilizing an outcomes-based clinical pathway tool and practice transformation are large factors in the success of the models.

The Oncology Care Model and Episodes

The Oncololgy Care Model is a total cost of care model, meaning that within a 6-month episode, the oncologist is responsible for the cost associated with that particular beneficiary.

Leadership Roles in AONN+

Rani Khetarpal shares how she became involved in AONN+ and why she took a leadership role in the organization.

Benefits and Challenges of a 2-Sided Risk Model

Rani Khetarpal explains what goes into making the decision of moving into a 2-sided risk model along with the benefits and challenges of the model.

Beyond Apples and Oranges: Collecting Benchmarks

AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee Co-Chairs Danelle Johnston and Tricia Strusowski describe how the AONN+ National Navigation Metrics study attempts to find a way to measure progams and performance in order to demonstrate the ways in which oncology navigators impact patient experience and outcomes, and providers' return on investment.

AONN+ Navigation Metrics Study: Insights to Standardization

AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee Co-Chairs Danelle Johnston and Tricia Strusowski describe the oncology navigation metrics and qualitative study they worked on with the American Cancer Society. Looking at all models of oncology navigation and at their standardization, their barriers, and their tools has led to a number of insights and breakthroughs for the AONN+ metrics study team.