Operations Management

Removing the Barriers to Oncology Navigation

As the Director for Corporate Oncology Navigation at Ballad Health, Zilipah Cruz believes that the 2018 AONN+ Annual Conference helped her understand the needs of the oncology navigators at her institution. While oncology navigators help remove the barriers that keep patients from getting the appropriate treatment, administrators like her help remove the barriers that oncology navigators face.

Building an Interdisciplinary Team

Crystal Dugger describes how the ideal team should work for the benefit of the patient and to secure the highest quality of care.

Keep the Focus on the Patient

Crystal Dugger warns administrators to avoid "scope creep" by having their navigators take on too many tasks; she says the navigator's focus must always be on the patient.

Doing the Right Thing Yields Robust ROI

Crystal Dugger offers insight on the business philosophy of Sarah Cannon (HCA) and the elements of a successful program.

Know Your Worth

Crystal Dugger stresses the necessity of standardizing and quantifying the value of a navigation program to the institution.

Traits of a Sustainable Navigation Program

What does it take to sustain a navigation program for years to come? Crystal Dugger lists the most important ones for long-term sustainability.

Improving Quality of Care and Saving Money

Dr Edward Partridge describes a number of areas in which he believes institutions can improve.