Research/Quality/Performance Improvement

AONN+ Acuity Tool: Where Are We Now?

Wendy Latash, PhD, provides an overview on the current status and future plans for the AONN+ Acuity Tool.

AONN+ Acuity Tool Methodology

Cheryl Bellomo and Danelle Johnston explain that the core purpose of the AONN+ Acuity Tool is addressing barriers to care.

Filling the Need for an Objective Acuity Tool

Danelle Johnston, Cheryl Bellomo, and Wendy Latash discuss how the AONN+ Acuity Tool stemmed from a need for a validated, standardized tool that can measure the intensity of the work of both clinical and nonclinical navigators.

AONN+ Leaders and Astellas Pharma US Collaborate on Acuity Tool

Wendy Latash explains how a desire to satisfy the needs of the patient inspired AONN+ and Astellas to collaborate on the creation of the AONN+ Acuity Tool.

The Importance of Data-Sharing

Danielle Carnival feels that data-sharing will help chip away at cultural and systemic barriers and help to improve patient care in a number of ways.

A Look at Patient Care Connect

Dr Edward Partridge breaks down the details of Patient Care Connect, assessing that it provides an extra layer of care for patients and helps the healthcare team work at their professional level.